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Metheus Consultancy’s 2022 Year in Review: Growth and Innovation

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In 2021 a lot has happened and changed in the world. One major change being the coronavirus and its mutation omicron which resulted in a several months long quarantine, consequently several months of online working. From March 2020 to June 2021, nearly every company worked online. The world became online and more globalized than ever. Every company has a technological and online side now, which makes tech companies more in the foreground.

These situations created a huge market shift and resulted in nearly every company’s chance of becoming global and made it easier for companies to expand into new markets. However, we realized that businesses in the B2B technology sector face difficulties expanding into new markets.

Difficulties faced by companies while expanding into new markets

As Metheus Consultancy, we decided to offer a solution for this problem and now, for a year, we have been helping businesses to acquire new clients in different markets, help market expansion, create go-2-market roadmap, help generating a lead generation strategy, share our expertise of sales and marketing, show how they can automate processes and create scalability, provide steps and implementation tactics as well as tracking systems to be more transparent and focus on right metrics. We are unique because we prove that business problem exists, validate the solution need and undoubtably define the customer audience; create the recipe and process on how your team can take over and continue to implement by themselves; establish the foundation and prepare roadmap for successful scale.

In order to succeed in our goal of implementing our solution methods and solving the problem, we worked on several projects with different companies.

Let’s look at some of our projects that has been done so far:


Mindsite is an e-commerce analytics and insights platform enabling marketing and sales teams to take data-driven decisions by providing real-time price, promo, content and share of voice data of both customers’ and their competitors’ products from different e-commerce platforms. They are a start-up based in Turkey with a team of 26 people.

After their previous investment round in early 2021, they have achieved market growth in their home market, Turkey, with several enterprises FMCG and CPC manufacturers or retailers such as P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Getir, Unilever, Colgate and Pepsico. In early 2022, they had some early adopter customers with referrals from existing customers. They had high ambitions to achieve international client portfolio.

Our case study with mindsite

To carry through Mindsite’s goals, as Metheus, we helped them build a lead generation structure that generates high quality leads, and has led to significant growth in business. We developed a unique methodology that uncovers market potential and target audiences based on geographies, maturity, competition and their capabilities; this helped us provide a strategic solutions for market expansion. We used our expertise in solid lead generation and in data analysis to collect information about business and competition dynamics.

In consequence, Mindsite were able to actively communicate with target lead groups and people, get faster responses from leads and higher conversion rates for business opportunity meetings, start to build a complementary partner network in order to speed up the awareness and lead generation process.

To learn more about Mindsite’s journey with Metheus, don’t forget to read our case study!

Swiss Healthcare Company

A Swiss technology company which provides a cloud-based, actionable business intelligence platform, allowing real-time monitoring and management of various assets for pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food, energy, FMCG, CPG, retail, telecommunications industries and industry 4.0 manufacturing.

The company is giving their platform and smart devices to Swiss Multinationals particularly hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare institutions to improve their cold chain, supply chain visibility and regulatory compliance.

In 2022, the company had a vision to expand their customer footprint in Switzerland and acquire new customers from Germany and Austria. However, they were not sure about how to generate leads digitally, as well as leverage digital marketing methods to create awareness and get in contact with prospects in these countries.

As a solution, we established a pipeline together to address the challenges of their customer profile and started POC works with new prospects. We’ve done a 2 month-long project on strategy to strengthen their positioning, differentiation from competitors, listed required actions and target expectations. After our first project, we extended our partnership on the implementation phase as well.

Our work included the establishing of the company’s business development actions together to reach more healthcare institutions, created an awareness on storing and monitoring cold-chain medicines across all targeted countries. Correspondingly, they are reaching their target audience quickly, communicating business opportunities and getting solid responses from them. They started several implementation works with newly created prospects and they are acquiring much more subscriptions for their platform and smart devices.

E- Autotrek

E-Autotrek, is an electric and hybrid vehicle after sales services company which offers different products and services related with the electric and hybrid vehicle industry. Some of their products/services include UK certified four-level trainings for electric vehicles’ safety, critical components of EV & Hybrid vehicles and key features, as well as maintenance and repair; safety and insulation materials that should be used while serving electric and hybrid vehicles which is supplied by E-Autotrek’s partner SFE International; and lastly strategic consultancy services about the industry.

As Metheus, in order to expand E-Autotrek into new countries, we helped them find their target audience in these countries and created a plan to find these leads in the right ways. Also for this purpose, we decided on the right channels to use together. To see the results of our project together with E-Autotrek, stay tuned!

Virtual Reality Education Technology Company

This company aims to create a conjoint world of innovation and joyful education. Our client makes advanced virtual science education possible for institutions that aim to evolve their educational environment and improve their students’ scientific skills.

They wanted to identify the opportunities in the USA market, generate solid leads and opportunities in the USA through digital marketing and fasten the lead nurturing and decrease the time to the proposal.

Accordingly, we established a roadmap for them. We did higher education vertical based insights & researches, inspected digital marketing structure and technical set-up to increase the visibility, implemented multi-channel lead generation strategy to get more attention of prospects always, created a storyline for better visitor experience and increasing conversion to demo meetings.

As a result, The USA visitors became the largest website traffic audience in 6 months, particularly coming from Google organic channels. 10% of all website traffic coming from the USA became interested in to have a demo call with our client. Solid leads from America continent have reached to the same amount of total leads from other countries. They have started to acquire active customers from the USA universities in California & Boston, and currently growing its customer base in the USA.


Enhencer is an AI Platform specialized in predicting website visitors’ purchase decisions. For medium or large sized e-commerce brands, Enhencer collects visitor data anonymously compliant with GDPR and other data privacy laws. With the help of self-learning AI-Engine it automatically predicts and extracts the most valuable visitors based on the website visitors’ behavior. Thus, Enhencer obtains the most relevant real-time retargeting and lookalike audiences for their clients and their products to boost their ad campaigns on Facebook, Google Ads, Tiktok and Twitter. Enhencer connects with each ad platform for real-time audience targeting, focuses their clients’ ad campaigns on visitors who have a high propensity to buy and acquire new customers through the right lookalike audiences.

Enhencer wanted to scale its customer acquisition all around the world. In order to do this, Metheus is helping Enhencer to determine which countries’ markets are more appropriate for their goals, more appropriate for finding a better target audience, how to find that target audience, selecting the right channels to reach the leads and some trainings about the expansion process.

To see the results of our project with Enhencer, don’t forget to follow us in 2023 too!

Countries we did market expansion to, with our customers

The success story of all of these amazing projects include an amazing team!

Our team has a huge expertise in market entry, expansion & growth projects with more than 20 projects that have been worked on. Our team had 5 different people who worked for Metheus this year: Emre Çetin, Ece Özdağ, Varun Muralidharan, Kerem Yalçın and Işıl Yaşar. We are a small, but highly skilled and passionate team who are committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients and for the amazing success stories we’ve achieved so far, we need to thank everyone in our team.

While we are talking about our successes, we must also talk about and thank various platforms who have awarded us or talked about us.

First of all, ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) a student organization for IEM students which has more than 11000 students and IEM alumni professionals in it in 28 different countries, published our article in their magazine! In ESTIEM Magazine, our article “Getting Your Business Online During Pandemic – 8 Key Elements” has been published which is sent to IEM students regularly. To read our article, don’t forget to visit our website!

Secondly, by The Manifest which is a business news and how-to website that compiles and analyzes practical business wisdom for innovators, entrepreneurs, and small and mid-market businesses, Metheus Consultancy was awarded as one of the Most Reviewed Consulting Companies in the United Kingdom! This is an incredible achievement for us and we are truly honored to receive this amazing award! We would also like to thank The Manifest and their team for organizing this amazing award. To learn more about The Manifest and the details of our events, visit our post!

Lastly, in Clutch which is a platform of in-depth client reviews, data-driven content, and vetted market leaders, Metheus Consultancy was awarded as one of the top 10 Boutique Consultancy Companies in UK and one of the top 5 Boutique Consultancy Companies in London! We are really proud and excited about these news and we thank everyone who has a contribution in our success!

We are looking forward to new projects, awards, partnerships and many more for our 2nd year! Over the past year, we have had the opportunity to work with and learn from more than 100 companies, which has had a significant impact on our progress and success. By engaging with such a diverse range of organizations, we have been able to gain valuable perspective, build new relationships, and discover new ways to innovate and excel. We’ve done multiple projects which influenced several companies, talked with lots of international companies which broadened our global vision even more. As a result of these experiences, we plan to introduce new and more developed service line solutions in the upcoming year.

While offering new and more developed solutions, we aim to empower companies who wants to expand their markets into different geographies. As Metheus Consultancy, we believe in our partnerships so far which is why we believe in our place in the ecosystem and believe that more people, company and client will come shortly. We believe in our services and aim to share these services and experiences with many more.

Again, we thank everyone who has been a part of this journey so far: our team, our clients, our partners… We are really happy with what we’ve done so far and what we plan to do in the future. If you are interested in being a part of our journey, interested in what we’ve done so far or want to learn more, don’t forget to contact us! We’re here to help!

Metheus Consultancy Team

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