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Scaling Mindsite’s Lead Generation Worldwide: A Metheus Success Story

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Case Study

One of the biggest challenges for brands is to stand out in a crowded marketplace. The company we’re working with has been in operation since 2019, enabling e-commerce brands to monitor all products in fierce competition at marketplaces. Mindsite was looking to reinvigorate their lead generation efforts by establishing a solid structure.

About Mindsite

Minsdite is a start-up based in Turkey that provides a digital shelf analytics platform. The team comprises 26 people, including marketers, designers, data scientists and especially software developers.


The goal of this project was to make sure that Mindsite could build the right foundations for lead generation so they could become a global e-commerce data insights company as they envisioned in their future.

Challenges in the Project

Before Metheus, Mindsite acquired a few new clients referred from their strong existing client base as early adopters of their platform outside of home market, Turkey; however, they have not got an established awareness. The team had initial ideas for next markets but there was an uncertainty for market selection. Lastly, Mindsite was lack of knowledge for building a multi-channel lead generation structure for global expansion.

However after engaging with Metheus Consultancy, the company has been able to overcome these challenges. The digital shelf analytics firm has successfully created an advanced lead generation structure that is contributing towards its revenue growth target this year.

Implementation from Metheus Team

First we started to sit down with Ismail (co-founder of Mindsite), Alper (head of growth), and Umut (head of account management) in order to truly understand the company’s priorities, team capabilities and resources allocated for its market expansion. Metheus team also analysed competitors’ strategies of Mindsite and strength of their offerings to understand the landscape better. Right after a number of sessions; market landscape and Mindsite’s position in the picture was crystal clear for our team. Our consultant team formulated a roadmap that will determine rights markets for Mindsite, bring all capabilities required to generate leads from multiple channels and acquire new clients with confident.

In the early steps of our aligned roadmap, a market prioritization tool is created including quantitative metrics and qualitative insights. In this tool, our team used several resources from microeconomics metrics from World Bank to Metheus’ insights on business culture and B2B purchasing processes of multinational enterprise brands. In the end, scoring is done and target markets are determined.


After identifying potentials and selecting markets, it is followed by clear definition of ideal target company profiles, buyer personas, and a comprehensive potential lead list. Metheus defined key messaging and differentiation for each maturity level of e-commerce. Strengths and weaknesses of the Mindsite’s competitors in terms of features, pricing, delivery model and customer support options are also included in the differentiation methodology.

Multi-channel lead generation strategy is one of the key assets for any company to achieve success in market growth. All channels in the business purchasing cycle are elaborated in enterprise brands and retailers’ perspectives and winning strategies for each lead generation sources are talked in detail.

Later stages of the roadmap devoted to the building a sales funnel, closing sales, and forming an organizational structure that allows for successful execution of the chosen strategy within budget constraints.

Results Achieved Together

At the end of our scope, Mindsite were able to,

  • actively communicate with target lead groups and people.

  • get faster responses from leads and higher conversion rates for business opportunity meetings

  • increase visibility of Mindsite in the selected markets

  • start to build a complementary partner network in order to speed up the awareness and lead generation process.

At this point, Mindsite got a clearer picture of what’s going on and which areas they need to focus. Metheus helped them to get solid leads that will aid in building long-term relationships with customers. Metheus even generated a draft on next organisational structure and resources to scale the sales and marketing.

Next steps for Mindsite is to keep on increasing the awareness in targeted regions and reaching out to the desired companies through business development activities with Metheus.

Our Unique Methodology

We have helped Mindsite build a lead generation structure that generates high quality leads, and has led to significant growth in business. Here’s how we did it:

  • developed a unique methodology that uncovers market potential and target audiences based on geographies, maturity, competition and client capabilities; this helped us provide a strategic solutions for market expansion.

  • used our expertise in solid lead generation and in data analysis to collect information about business and competition dynamics, customer base and products sold in the markets.

  • shared our insights to create effective marketing campaigns to promote Mindsite to retailers and brands.

  • worked closely with Mindsite’s sales team for constant alignment and transfer our know-how.

This is a great example of how digital shelf analytics can help you to win to expand into new markets. If you’re looking to do something similar with your company, get in touch with us today so we can have a chat about your options.

Download the Success Story

Download the Case Study with Mindsite, get the latest insights and stories about how they accelerated theirs business with Metheus.

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